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In addition to its new trade fair presence, the Komax Group's focus at productronica China in Shanghai lay on the public premier of the new Omega 750 SA. Designed for automated wire harness production, this machine features two insertion heads, guaranteeing higher production speeds and enabling the production of wire harnesses in a single process step. Product Manager Matthias Felder explains how the Komax Group helps its customers to reduce overall production costs and produce high-quality wire harnesses. An insight into the trade fair events can be found in our picture gallery and video.

The Komax Group welcomed over 60,000 visitors to this year’s productronica in Shanghai with concentrated force and many new products and innovations. From March 20 to 22, Komax and Schleuniger presented themselves for the first time since their merger with a joint trade fair appearance on Asian soil. The latest products and expert teams from the Komax, Schleuniger, Cirris, adaptronic and DiIT brands were on site, along with numerous renowned customers who gathered information about the latest trends and technologies.

One highlight was the new Omega 750 SA, which was presented to the public for the first time in Shanghai. Automotive manufacturers in particular can look forward to this, because it is specially designed for automated wire harness production in the Asian market, and the wire assembly machine features two insertion heads, which enable shorter wires to be inserted on both sides and ensure higher production speeds. “The higher production output has a positive impact on our customers' return on investment,” explains Matthias Felder, the product manager in charge. "The Omega 750 SA also ensures a wider range of applications, since the shortest possible wire length for direct automatic processing is reduced to just 240mm. Wire harnesses that used to be impossible to process without operating personnel intervening can now be loaded fully automatically in a single process step. Thanks to the high precision, even very small terminals such as NanoMQS, PicoMQS and small chamber spacings can be loaded. The slim design and the two insertion heads makes it possible to load wires with a length of only 100 millimeters directly with the help of an additional application."

Fully automatic post-production
The Omega 750 SA not only boasts impressively high flexibility, it also offers a very high number of applications that can be processed per machine. "Thanks to fully automatic post-production, wires that are of insufficient quality or are flagged by an error message during the assembly process are immediately re-produced and, in case of errors, even automatically re-assembled in lead set production. Without the intervention of machine operators," explains Matthias Felder. "To prevent damage to the terminals and the housing, the entire insertion process is monitored to prevent excessive force from being applied. The pallet application’s assembly process is programmed via the user interface and is therefore independent of the software version." If a wire harness is no longer produced, the housing holder application must be created and run in again – possibly by expanding standard modules and options. “This allows us to offer our customers a flexible platform that can also be used beyond an originally planned and produced product."

Maximum productivity without conversions
The automatic wire changer allows a wide range of materials to be processed at any time. "In order to cover the variety of cable harness variants, the automatic cable selector has 36 different cable types that cover the entire cross-section range. All possible material combinations can be run through in a single sequence without the stopping; machine the C1370 crimp module even processes different crimp heights in one wire sequence," continues Matthias Felder. “The fact that it is possible to cut to length, crimp and insert terminals on the same platform eliminates time-consuming transport between process steps, which results in reduced production and lead times for our customers.” Not only does the Omega 750 SA help reduce overall production costs, "it also eliminates errors in the automatic insertion process and during reworking, thus helping our customers keep costs down."

For those of you who were not able to attend productronica in Shanghai and experience the Komax Group‘s innovations in person, we have created a picture gallery and video to give you a glimpse of the trade fair events.


Matthias FelderProduct Group Manager

Matthias Felder’s career at Komax began in 2014. After starting out in assembly, he first became Product Support Manager of Harness Machines division and has fully embraced this product group since 2022.

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