Komax Fäscht 2022: Komax employees haven't forgotten how to celebrate

Inside Komax

On the evening of August 26, it was time to leave the (home) office behind and have some fun! The popular Komax Fäscht was about to begin. At last, the chance to enjoy another great evening among colleagues! Lots of music, the finest street food and crazy awards created a party atmosphere.

The former Rockwell and Schindler complex right next to Komax was transformed for an evening into a magnificent food street with the finest street food.

Start the evening with a cold beer: The taps began flowing at five o'clock on the dot.

Aperitifs are a must wherever there's beer: snacks to suit every taste.

Simply cheerful and carefree: The fifteen musicians from the Latino band DARVIDA got everyone in the mood.

And then ... the food trucks: Burger? Momos? Or how about some farm ice cream? There was something to suit every taste.

Lots of laughter when awarding the prize for the most original costume: Eraser, mechanic, physicist or cleaning lady... Who would come in first?

The indie rock band “Led Farmers” created a party atmosphere and got many people dancing.

The lights of the bar shimmered gently at dusk and enticed the night owls into the former Rockwell laboratory.

The profits from the bar drinks are traditionally donated to a good cause. This year we support a project for Ukrainian refugees.

Fine cocktails, crisp sound: The rock music of Tyron Freeman shook the walls.

The Komax Fäscht is alive - and Komax employees definitely haven't forgotten how to celebrate!

They transformed the old industrial complex into an atmospheric party mile: A big thank you to the internal organization committee!

Some more impressions


Marcel Wolfisberg Director of Application Project Management

Marcel Wolfisberg has been working for Komax since 1999. The Komax Fäscht has a very long tradition and it's fun to organize an event like this as a team. With the Komax Fäscht, we offer a platform for social and entertaining interaction in addition to everyday work.

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