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Delta 2x0 semi-automatic crimping machines with HMI Delta: user interaction on a new level

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Komax is updating its proven bt semi-automatic crimping machines with three new Delta models just in time for Productronica 2021. Equipped with the TCI 2 operator unit, the Komax HMI user interface and other innovations, these machines will meet the constantly rising quality standards in the automotive and industrial target segments.

Key insights

  • The Delta 220, 240 and 260 semi-automatic crimping machines replace the previous bt712, 722 and 752 models.

  • Highlights include the TCI 2 operator unit with capacitive touchscreen in Wide VGA format and the HMI Delta user interface.

  • The optional MIKO interface ensures data exchange with your control system or with the QCenter central measuring station.

BenchTop crimping machines offer an attractive solution for small batch sizes, special orders, multi-conductor cables and pre-processed wires that are not suitable for an automatic wire feed. With the launch of the Delta-2x0 series, Komax is significantly upgrading the existing bt range and is thereby laying the foundation for continued success in the automotive and industrial target segments.

Totally new operating concept

At its core is a major advance in user experience. The new TCI 2 operator unit impresses with a bright, high-resolution capacitive touchscreen in Wide VGA format. It has a storage capacity of up to 5,000 items. Added to this is the HMI Delta user interface, which is also new. This offers operating logic and a look-and-feel on a par with the fully automatic Komax machines. For the first time, a context-sensitive help function is also included. The operator can now call up help text on the touchscreen for a particular topic without having to reach for the operating instructions.

The same algorithms and parameters as on fully automatic machines

The Delta semi-automatic crimping machines fully meet the quality standards of the automotive industry. All models have integrated crimp force monitoring CFA/CFA+. Their analysis works with exactly the same algorithms and parameters as the crimping modules on the fully automatic machines. This means that the results are absolutely comparable, regardless of the machine used, and the training only has to be carried out once.

The Delta 220/240 models can be equipped with a programmable cutting head unit (strip – crimp). The top model, the Delta 260, also features automatic seal insertion (seal – strip – crimp).

Another advantage is the fixed process position: the individual insertion of the wires from the bundle is particularly fast, because the grippers remain horizontally in place and the operator therefore does not have to let go of the wires during the process.

Problem-free integration into your MES

The Delta 2x0 can be equipped with a MIKO interface (Manufacturing Interface Komax) so that the machine data can be exchanged with a control system such as Komax MES, for example. This interface is also used by the central QCenter measuring station, where several crimping machines share a set of measuring devices.

Do you have any questions? What do you think of these new models? What are your other needs? The author looks forward to hearing from you.


Reinhold VollmerProduct Manager

Reinhold Vollmer has been Product Manager for various product groups at Komax AG since 2011, currently for the Marking Systems and Crimpers product groups.

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