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Trust-based customer relationships are the key to success for the Komax Group. Together with long-standing customers, such as Turkish automotive supplier Nursan, the Group has been continually driving the advancement of wire processing automation. Ahmet Arslan, Deputy General Manager at Nursan, explains in an interview what the biggest challenges in wire processing are and how Nursan benefits from the Komax automation solutions.

Worldwide, the Komax Group has several thousand customers in the three market segments Automotive, Industrial & Infrastructure, and Aerospace & Railway. The automotive market is by far the largest market for the Komax Group, accounting for approximately 75% of revenues. Over decades, it has fostered close relationships with its customers, helping them systematically take the automation of their production processes to the next level and thereby enabling them to strengthen their competitiveness through greater cost efficiency and quality improvements.

Nursan – a wiring systems expert on a growth trajectory
Founded in 1976 in Güngören near Istanbul in Türkiye, Nursan, with its approximately 8 000 employees, is now a major manufacturer of wiring systems for the automotive industry. Nursan uses, among other things, machines from the Komax Group to produce a broad range of wire harnesses, primarily for cars and light commercial vehicles, but also for trucks, buses, and tractors. To this end, there are currently around 170 fully and semi-automatic wire processing machines from Komax und Schleuniger in operation, as well as the 4Wire CAO MES (Manufacturing Execution System) from DiIT GmbH. The company manufactures at nine sites in Türkiye and Bulgaria. Annually, wire harnesses for up to 750 000 vehicles are produced at the Turkish site in alone. Nursan increased revenues by more than 35% from 2021 to 2023. The Komax Group worked closely with the company, supporting it in its growth trajectory with its products and services. The wire harness expert is targeting continued strong growth in the future, and can count on the Komax Group as its partner of choice.

Long-term partnership between Nursan and the Komax Group
The trust-based partnership between the Komax Group and Nursan stretches back over three decades and is strengthened by regular exchanges between the companies and the Komax Group’s representative agent in Türkiye. Reliability on deadlines, quality, and service are important pillars of this partnership. In the reporting year, the two former Schleuniger and Komax representative agents together created Binova, a new firm that, going forward, will be Nursan's direct point of contact for all products and services of the Komax Group and will work closely with it.

About Nursan

    • Founded in 1976 in Güngören, Istanbul, Türkiye 
    • Headcount of approximately 8 000
    • Revenues of around EUR 338 million in 2023
    • Nine production sites in Türkiye and Bulgaria
    • Globally active automotive manufacturers as customers
    • Around 170 machines from Komax and Schleuniger in operation

Interview with ⁠Ahmet Arslan

Ahmet Arslan,
Deputy General Manager at Nursan Kablo Donanımları & Nursan Otomotiv EOOD.

Ahmet Arslan, how do you see the long-term trend toward automation in wire processing and what do you consider to be the main drivers for this?
The long-term trend toward automation in wire processing is motivated by many factors, such as the need for increased productivity, cost reduction, and quality improvements, as well as customization flexibility, safety, global competition, and supply chain resilience. Sustainability and the challenge of addressing skills shortages are coming on top of these trends. These factors drive industries to adopt automated systems for enhanced efficiency and competitiveness.

What does this mean for the automotive industry specifically?
Increasing use of electrical components and partially autonomously controlled vehicles make wire processing much more complicated. New production methods and the use of advanced technology will become much more important, even inevitable. We believe that we will get the best results with the best partners, so we are planning to continue this journey with the Komax Group in the future, as we have done in the past.

Can you name the biggest challenges in your wire processing business?
The biggest challenges in automated wire processing include high initial investment costs, the adaptation of employees to automated processes, integration complexities, cybersecurity concerns, and maintenance issues. Successfully navigating these challenges while leveraging the opportunities arising from the trends I mentioned above can lead to long-term success in the wire processing business.

What are the advantages of automated wire processing for Nursan compared to manual work?
Solutions for automated wire processing, such as the Komax Group’s, provide us with advantages such as enhanced speed, precision, cost reduction, continuous production, improved safety, flexibility, and data analysis capabilities. They ensure consistent quality and scalability for large-scale production, while minimizing human fatigue. With initial investments and maintenance taken into account, a balanced integration of automated and manual processes can optimize manufacturing efficiency for Nursan.

⁠How relevant is sustainability at Nursan and how do you implement it?
Sustainability is integral for Nursan to ensure environmental responsibility and operational efficiency. Implementation strategies include, among others, investing in energy-efficient machines, selecting sustainable materials, minimizing waste, fostering a green supply chain, conducting life cycle assessments, reducing emissions, engaging employees, and ensuring regulatory compliance. These initiatives collectively position Nursan as a socially responsible and environmentally conscious manufacturing entity.

What do you appreciate most about working with the Komax Group?
The Komax Group delivers the most advanced wire processing technology, and we are eagerly implementing it into our production processes. We get fast and reliable technical support, sufficient spare parts, less waste, and efficient traceability. Together with the long lifetime and durability of the machines and the advanced safety features, we can maintain consistent wire processing, ultimately increasing the satisfaction of our own customers.

How can the Komax Group support Nursan in the future?
We are pleased with the production capacity and quality we have achieved together with the Komax Group and we would like to take this even further in the future. To support Nursan even better, the Komax Group could provide more customized solutions and trainings, enhanced technical support, and implement features like remote monitoring. Frequent updates, more sustainable machines, and Industry 4.0 integration could enhance Nursan's efficiency and success in wire processing.

The biggest manufacturing site, Nursan’s “Plant 1” in Tavşanlı, Istanbul, Türkiye, produces wire harnesses for up to 750,000 vehicles each year. Among the machines it uses to do this are Sigma 688 twisting machines, Komax’s Alpha series crimp-to-crimp-machines, and the CrimpCenter from Schleuniger.

Continuous development of customer-oriented solutions

The Komax Group takes feedback from customers very seriously and strives to take quality, productivity, and flexibility in wire processing to new levels at all times. It is constantly improving its customer service with elements such as bespoke Value Creation Packages for customers and the ongoing optimization of its service network. It is also working on the introduction of eco-design checks for all products newly developed as of 2025, so as to ensure greater sustainability in design. With the implementation of its vision of the networked factory, SMART FACTORY by KOMAX, the Komax Group is developing a number of additional solutions and services in various areas, with the aim of generating added value for its customer base across the customer journey.

Komax wire processing machines in operation at Nursan.


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