Congratulations on completing your apprenticeship! 37 Komax Group apprentices successfully conclude their training in 2023

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The entire team at Komax wishes to congratulate the next generation of talent on successfully completing their training. In Switzerland, 14 apprentices at Komax and 10 at Schleuniger have passed the qualification procedure. 13 apprentices at the sites in Germany have likewise successfully completed their apprenticeship (names below). Congratulations to our newly qualified professionals – we're proud of you!

Komax apprentices 2023

To ensure we retain our leading position in the future too, the Komax Group is firmly committed to the training of future specialists. 82 apprentices underwent training in 9 professions at the sites in Switzerland in 2022, while the equivalent figure in Germany was 51 apprentices. The Komax Group provides state-of-the art workplaces along with well-equipped mechanical workshops, assembly stations for the specific training programs, and training workshops for automation, IT, and electronics. The budding professionals are supervised by trainers who possess strong technical and teaching skills as well as sensitivity to the social needs of young people.

The Komax Group aims to offer some of the best apprenticeships in the industry – an aspiration that has not gone unnoticed. We are delighted that Komax in Dierikon has been nominated as Best Training Center in the ICT Education & Training Awards 2023 and has made it into the top three. In addition, our trainer Roger Hügi has been nominated as Best ICT Vocational Trainer 2023. The winner will be announced at the ICT Award Night 2023 in Bern on Wednesday, October 25, 2023.

And here are our stars:

Adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH, Wertheim (Germany) 
Serdar Atkin – mechatronics technician
Leon Jankowski – mechatronics technician
Marcel Diekemper – electronics technician

Komax AG, Dierikon (Switzerland)
Lars Baumann – automation engineering technician
Alain Berset – polytechnic specialist
Sven Buholzer – polytechnic specialist
Luca Caballero – ICT specialist
Elena Feldbauer – commercial specialist
Cedric Keller – automation engineering technician
Joel Keusch – design engineer
Thea Maurer – automation engineering technician
Leon Sarvas – ICT specialist
Simon Schaufelberger – IT specialist
Davide Trinkler – IT specialist
Alessio Vangelisti – IT specialist
Jonathan Wallimann – automation engineering technician
Jeremias Wüst – ICT specialist

Komax SLE GmbH & Co. KG, Grafenau (Germany)
Timo Gibis – electronics technician in production engineering
Jana Hobelsberger – foreign language industrial clerk
Valeri Judakov – industrial mechanic 
Cellina Reiter – industrial mechanic 
Niklas Wiederer – specialist IT technician for application development 

Komax Taping GmbH & Co. KG, Burghaun (Germany)
Maxim Heidenreich – industrial mechanic 
Nick Protzmann – technical product designer

Komax Testing Germany GmbH, Porta Westfalica (Germany)
Arne ⁠Ahrens – mechatronics technician
Dominik ⁠Rabenhorst – industrial business administration specialist
Johann Reger – warehouse logistician

Schleuniger AG, Cham (Switzerland)
Noah Jan ⁠Bischoff – automation engineering technician

Schleuniger AG, Thun (Switzerland)
Chaim Bieri – polymechanic
Rawaz Hamza – mechanics practitioner
Abdi Ibrahim – production mechanic
Andrés Köchlin – polymechanic
Elia Krayenbühl – polymechanic
Nina Kunz – business administration specialist
Manuel Steuri – electronics technician
David Tuveri – logistics technician
Aaron Venghaus – polymechanic

Schleuniger AG, Thun, apprentices from left to right: Aaron Venghaus, Elia Krayenbühl, Andrés Köchlin, Chaim Bieri, Abdi Ibrahim, Rawaz Hamza, David Tuveri, Manuel Steuri, Nina Kunz.

Komax apprentices 2023

Komax AG, Dierikon, apprentices from left to right: Alain Berset, Cedric Keller, Jonathan Wallimann, Lars Baumann, Davide Trinkler, Alessio Vangelisti, Simon Schaufelberger, Jeremias Wüst, Elena Feldbauer, Leon Sarvas, Thea Maurer, Luca Caballero, Joel Keusch, and Sven Buholzer.

Komax Taping GmbH, Burghaun, apprentices: Nick Protzmann (l.) and Maxim Heidenreich.

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Michael GehrigHead of Vocational Training

Michael Gehrig has worked at Komax since 2001 and is responsible for vocational training.

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