Competition authorities grant clearance for combination of Komax and Schleuniger

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Komax Holding AG has received clearance from the relevant competition authorities for the combination with Schleuniger AG. Closing of the combination and the associated capital increase will take place at the end of August 2022.

Nothing now stands in the way of the combination of Komax Holding AG and Schleuniger AG announced on 9 February 2022: The relevant competition authorities have granted clearance. The next steps will be the closing of the combination on 30 August 2022 and the implementation of the associated capital increase, which was approved by the Annual General Meeting on 13 April 2022. The 1,283,333 newly issued registered shares will be allocated to Metall Zug AG in exchange for 100% of the Schleuniger shares and traded for the first time on the SIX Swiss Exchange on 31 August 2022. Metall Zug AG, the current owner of Schleuniger AG, will then hold a 25% stake in Komax Holding AG. Consolidation of the Schleuniger Group will take place from 1 September 2022. 

Implementation of the capital increase will make two further proposals approved by the Annual General Meeting effective from 30 August 2022: Dr. Jürg Werner will become a member of the Board of Directors of Komax Holding AG and the existing restrictions on registration and voting rights (15%) for Komax Holding AG shares will be abolished without replacement. 


Roger MüllerVice President Investor Relations & Corporate Comm

Roger Müller has been working for Komax since 2016. Transparent communication with internal and external stakeholders is a key concern for him.

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