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Wire Identification


EasyContrast simplifies wire marking verification by assessing contrast on all types of white and light-colored cables, saving time and ensuring accurate identification.


Rapid checks and full traceability

EasyContrast offers a "referenced measurement" mode for traceable measures and generates detailed reports with pictures. Quick measure mode enables rapid checks.

Accurate measurements for high standards

The EasyContrast certified calibration block allows an easy check of the system and guarantees accurate results over the long term.

Optimized wire mount

Thanks to a convenient handle, the cable is easily installed for rapid measure. A wheel on the wire mount enables multiple measurements without reinstalling.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
EasyContrast specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Measurement field65 x 2 mm
Reproductibility< 0,5 %
Measurement range on white and coloured cables0 - 99 %
Lighting adjustmentAutomatic adjustment of lighting parameters by using the white sample supplied with the system
Contrast checkUse of contrast standard provided with the system
CalibrationUse of a specific certified standard calibration recommended once a year