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Wire Handling


The F1110 wire feed system for fully automatic wire processing machines (Alpha and Gamma) unwinds loose wire rings and wire drums evenly and easily.


Uninterrupted processing thanks to large wire storage

The extensive wire storage of up to 4.2m ensures uninterrupted production. It is not necessary to stop the machine, even if there are faults in the feed.

Adjustable pretension on the flexible swivel arm

A powerful roller drive with rubber or plasma coating pulls the wire into the feed system at up to 6m/s. The speed can be set directly on the device.

Easy adjustment of infeed speed

The maximum infeed speed can be set directly on the device and depends on the type of container as well as the stability and quality of the wire material.

Automated, careful processing with flexible swivel arm

The flexible swivel arm offers an adjustable pretension. The magnet fixes the swivel arm in the convenient loading and unloading position.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
F1110 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Height of wire outlet min.1080-1170 mm
Usable length of wire storage4200 mm
Wire diameter min.1 mm
Wire diameter max.5 mm
Wire cross section min.0.22 mm²
Wire cross section max.4 mm²