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Sigma 688 ST

The fully automatic Sigma 688 ST not only twists precise wires, but also automatically fixes both wire ends in the same process step for transport and further processing.

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Precise twisting even for wires with short, open ends

If short, open ends are required for further processing of the wires, these are also precisely manufactured– even with different open wire ends.

Quality assurance by means of ACD incision monitoring

The optional high-precision fully automatic incision monitoring detects the smallest contact between the blade and conductor strands when processing copper and aluminum cables.

Reproducible processes thanks to adjustable parameters

Reproducibility is important for efficient production. That's why the changing of wires is ensured by clearly readable and precisely adjustable parameters.

Specific wire assembly for the highest demands

Sigma 688 ST handles the entire wire end processing with a high level of process reliability and stability and produces, for example, bundled UTP wires in OEM quality.

Technical data

3 Variants

Measurement system for technical specifications
Sigma 688 ST 4 m specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire length, processing on both sides min.700 mm
Wire length max.4000 mm
Strip length side 1 min. (Processing set for short open ends)0.1 mm
Strip length side 1 max. (Processing set for short open ends)18 mm
Strip length side 2 min. (Processing set for short open ends)0.1 mm
Strip length side 2 max. (Processing set for short open ends)28 mm