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bt 188 T

The bt 188 T semi-automatic cable processing machine twists up to four wires and the wire ends can also be automatically fixed with tape in an optional step.

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Intuitive user interface with TopTouch for easy operation

The TopTouch user interface can be used to set the parameters of the semi-automatic twisting unit. The user-friendly software guides you through the process.

Outstanding twisting performance for high demands

The bt 188 T twists wires at a speed of up to 350 pieces an hour – and with high quality to meet all requirements in the automotive industry.

Optional multiple twisting for precise impact formation

The flat grippers can also be used to twist three or four wires precisely multiple times. The result is impressively uniform lay length and high reproducibility.

Optional fully automatic spot taping unit exclusively on the bt 188 T

The integrated spot taping unit enables both ends of the cable to be spot taped simultaneously. The module thus protects against untwisting with spot tape made of fabric or PVC tape.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
bt 188 T specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire length, untwisted with extensions 200 – 11300 mm
Min. wire length with precise multi-twisting option300 mm
Min. wire length with spot taping unit option700 mm
Wire cross section min.2 × 0.08 mm²
Wire cross section max.2 × 4.0 mm²
Open wire ends on twisting side min.25 mm