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Tape Processing

KTS 50-Comfort

The KTS Comfort series are ideal tape dispensers for almost all types of adhesive tape and are particularly suitable for processing a wide range of adhesive tapes from 9 - 50 mm wide.

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The highest quality for industrial adhesive tapes

The KTS 50 Comfort is suitable for industrial tapes with high tape removal strengths. Due to the constant process, the quality is reproducible.

Individually adaptable

The KTS 50 Comfort offers storage capacity for up to twelve different lengths per level. The tape dispensing speed can be adjusted to the respective tape type.

Sturdy and low-maintenance

High-quality and proven components are installed in the KTS 50 Comfort. As an option, the KTS 50 Comfort is also equipped with an oiler.

Special removal device for carrier film

A liner take-up device is available for the KTS 50 Comfort model, specifically for processing adhesive tape with liner.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
KTS 50-Comfort specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Machine typeBenchtop machine
Screen diagonal112 mm
Electrical connection1×230V, 50/60Hz (range 180 - 250 V); 1×115V, 50/60Hz
Control boxintegrated