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Tape Processing

KTS 50-A

The robust KTS 50 A tape dispenser is used to dispense tape sections with a width of 9 – 50 mm in wire harness production. Thanks to its compact design, the device can be used universally.

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Sturdy and reliable in industrial environments

The KTS 50 A is ideal for industrial belts with high unwinding force. The speed is adjustable to different belt materials.

Extremely user-friendly

The various parameters can be entered using the touch panel. It is then operated using the buttons on the machine.

Flexible and universally usable

As a flexible and compact tape dispenser, the KTS 50 A is perfectly suited for use in various production lines.

Always perfectly lubricated thanks to the manual oiling device

Thanks to oiling, glue does not stick to the blade. The number of lubrication operations can be adjusted to the cycle to avoid excessive oiling and residue on the tape.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
KTS 50-A specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Machine typeTischmaschine
Screen diagonal91 mm
Electrical connection1×230V, 50/60Hz (Bereich 180 - 250 V)1×115V, 50/60 Hz
Control boxextern