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Qstat Pro

The Qstat Pro is a motorized bench top Pull Tester. It also serves as a quality inspection station for wire harness production on the shop-floor level.


Multiple plugs for easy connectivity

The Qstat Pro offers two ports for LAN and RS-232 to enable seamless integration with other quality tools. The power supply and I/O switch are easily accessible at the back of the equipment.

Suitable for almost every application

Featuring a 12 position terminal holders, the Qstat Pro can accommodate nearly any type of terminal. The improved wire clamp mechanism also reduces slippage during operations.

User-friendly and efficient display of force dynamics

The pull force profiles visualize force dynamics during the pull test process. Quality Verification jobs sent by crimp force monitor devices (QpLite or Qpex) can also be easily accessed and fulfilled.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Qstat Pro specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Dimensions/height90 mm
Dimensions/width180 mm
Dimensions/length360 mm
Weight10 kg
Resolution 0 .. 20 N0.1 N
Measurement range / force sensor1000 N