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MicroLab 45

The MicroLab 45 is the best micrograph labratory for high level quality checks. With the fully automatic transport system, it quickly meassures and evaluates micrograph pictures.

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Diamond cutting disk

The MicroLab 45 ensures a processing range from 0.08 - 16 mm². The diamond cutting wheel also leads to an improved quality of micrograph pictures.

Modern user interface

The modern and intuitive user interface regarding the Komax design includes a maintenance trainer and allows an userfriendly usage of the machine.

High lifetime of wear parts and easy interchangeability

Thanks to wet processing a high lifetime of wear parts is ensured. Up to 10.000 cuts with the cutting disc and up to 500 grinds with the sandpaper are possible.

Integrated handels

The MicroLab 45 has integrated handels for an easy set up of the device. It can be placed right where you need it to ensure the quality in your production process.

Easy sample positioning

Thanks to a live camera picture the cutting and grinding position of the sample can easily be detected.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
MicroLab 45 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Processing area (max. terminal Ø) min.0.5 mm
Processing area (max. terminal Ø) max.6 mm
Dimensions/height637 mm
Dimensions/length10021 mm
Dimensions/width640 mm
Weight~ 117 kg