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MicroLab 11

The MicroLab 11 is a portable all-in-one micrograph laboratory solution with integrated automatic cutting and semi-automatic grinding functions.


Mobile hardcase with a rugged exterior for easy transportation

The Microlab 11 is delivered as a compact all-in-one unit. To ensure secure mobility, it features a robust hardcase that can withstand potential shocks during transportation.

Suitable for miniature wires and small production capacities

The Microlab 11 processes small cross-sections ranging from 0.05 mm² to 15 mm², designed to ensure high quality for small-volume production.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
MicroLab 11 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Cutting wheel thickness0.5 mm
Feed Rate Polishing Module~6 mm/s
Adhesive sandpaper outer diameter100 mm
Cutting wheel inner diameter16 mm
Cutting wheel outer diameter100 mm
Dimensions/length490 mm