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In addition to efficiency and precision, the C1360 crimp module for Alpha and Gamma wire processing machines offers convenient automatic crimp height adjustment.


Automatic crimp height adjustment

Setup is extremely easy thanks to simple operation. The automatic crimp height adjustment with the spindle drive further simplifies the process.

Safe operation with button for two-hand operation

As a precautionary measure, the C1360 crimp module is equipped with an additional button that forces two-hand operation. This ensures a high level of occupational safety.

Tool fixture with integrated crimp force monitoring (CFA+/CFA)

High crimp force of 22 kN and integrated CFA/CFA+ crimp force monitoring ensure smooth and error-free production.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
C1360 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire cross section min.0,125 mm²
Wire cross section max.6.0 mm²
Crimp force max.22 kN
Stroke programmable in 1mm/0.04 inch steps min.10 mm
Stroke programmable in 1mm/0.04 inch steps max.40 mm
Programmable crimp height min.-0.8 mm