IRDC-2000-1 Heat Shrinking Komax #1
Heat Shrinking


The IRDC-2000 is a digital control unit designed to manage the heating process of infrared shrinking appliances – optional with two channels to control two different appliances.


IRDC-2000-1 - Software-controlled precision

Software-controlled precision

Set precise parameters tailored to various applications, whether you’re dealing with delicate or heavy-duty tasks, consistent and reliable results are guaranteed every time.

IRDC-2000-1 - User-friendly touchscreen interface

User-friendly touchscreen interface

Get complete access to the software. From initial configuration to programming, testing, and production, you can seamlessly navigate the entire process.

IRDC-2000-1 - Network connectivity for remote access

Network connectivity for remote access

Configure and operate the product remotely. Access the user interface conveniently through a web browser, which mirrors the interface as it appears directly on the product.

IRDC-2000-1 - Fully customized programs

Fully customized programs

Create and edit programs within the database. Utilize the test mode to determine burn power and time. Even design sequential programs composed of multiple processing steps.

IRDC-2000-1 - Independent control of two infrared shrinking devices

Independent control of two infrared shrinking devices

Simultaneously or independently control two infrared shrinking devices. Activate each channel using the foot-operated switch or the switch on the infrared shrinking device.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
IRDC-2000-1 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Connected load per channel (230 V)2300 W
Connected load per channel (110 V)1100 W
Electrical connection110 – 230 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Weightca. 1 kg
Dimensions/length344 mm