Crimp to Crimp

Alpha 560

The Alpha 560 fully automatic wire processing machine is suitable for loading large terminals or seals up to a conductor cross section of 16 mm² on one or both sides.

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High-precision crimping process thanks to 50 kN crimp force

Efficient belt drive with 12m/s speed

Simple operation thanks to clearly structured processes in the Komax HMI

Two different blade radii thanks to the dual head double blade holder

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Alpha 560 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire cross section min.2.5 mm²
Wire cross section max.16.0 mm²
Wire length, single-sided processing min.60 mm
Wire length, processing on both sides min.60 mm
Wire length from 10 mm2/AWG8 min.100 mm
Wire length max.8000 mm