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Crimp to Crimp

Alpha 550 G2

The first choice for efficient crimp-to-crimp large-scale production. The Alpha 550 G2 is a future-proof investment and ready for the next step in automated batch production.

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Your first choice for large-scale automotive production

High performance, robustness and short changeover times ensure reliability and excellent results. Combined with Komax services, you get optimal performance at predictable costs.

Ready for the next level of automated batch production

The modular platform and advanced software ease the integration of future automation technologies and network solutions.

Short setup times for maximum performance

The Alpha 550 G2 has an optimized setup process with safe manual teaching of the swivel arm and three control panels for adjustments with the safety cover closed.

Proven quality at the highest OEM level

A fully automated quality control system with minimal operator influence ensures excellent results and minimal scrap. Our service experts help you maintain the highest standards.

Ease of use and efficient training of new staff

The intuitive HMI user interface offers programmable process sequences and user-defined dashboards in over 25 languages. Operators are efficiently guided through processes.

Technical data

Measurement system for technical specifications
Alpha 550 G2 specifications
Specification nameSpecification value
Wire cross section min.0.13 mm²
Wire cross section max.6.0 mm²
Wire length, single-sided processing min.60 mm
Wire length, processing on both sides min.60 mm
Wire length, processing on both sides (optional from) min.30 mm
Wire length max.12000 mm