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Komax strengthens testing business in North Africa

Media Release

To secure an even stronger position in testing activities in the fast-growing North African market, Komax established a new company in Morocco a few days ago. The company is called Komax TSK Maroc and is located in the port city of Tangier, on the Straits of Gibraltar.

Until now, production for Moroccan customers has been carried out by the TSK companies in Tunisia and Turkey. In addition, Komax Morocco has worked on an ad-hoc basis with TX Mechatronics, which manufactured testing systems in Morocco.

With the foundation of the new testing site, all Komax Morocco’s testing employees have transferred to the new company. In addition, Komax has taken over assets of TX Mechatronics and all its staff. Both former owners have also joined Komax TSK Maroc. This meant that the latest addition to the Komax Group commenced operations with some 20 members of staff.