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Annual General Meeting of Komax Holding AG approves all of Board of Directors’ proposals

Media Release

At the Annual General Meeting of 14 April 2021, the shareholders of Komax Holding AG approved all the proposals of the Board of Directors. As in the previous year, the Annual General Meeting took place at the premises of Komax Holding AG in Dierikon without shareholders attending in person. In total, 51.8% of the votes were represented by the independent proxy.

In accordance with the Swiss Federal Council’s COVID-19 Ordinance 3, no shareholders were physically present at the Annual General Meeting. Instead, they were able to exercise their powers in respect of voting and electing via electronic or written instructions to the independent proxy, who represented 51.8% of the 3,850,000 shares in total.

The shareholders approved all the proposals of the Board of Directors by a clear majority. These included the proposals that the distribution of a dividend be waived and that all six incumbent members on the Board of Directors be re-elected for a further one-year term. These are Beat Kälin (Chairman), David Dean, Andreas Häberli, Kurt Haerri, Mariel Hoch, and Roland Siegwart. The shareholders elected Andreas Häberli, Beat Kälin, and Roland Siegwart to the Remuneration Committee.

The detailed voting results can be found in the PDF below.