Annual General Meeting approves dividend increase

Media Release

At the Annual General Meeting held on 12 April 2023 at the Culture and Convention Center Lucerne, the shareholders of Komax Holding AG approved all the proposals of the Board of Directors. Among other things, they confirmed all incumbent members of the Board of Directors for another term of office and approved a dividend of CHF 5.50 per share as well as the proposed amendment to the Articles of Association.

307 shareholders took part in the Annual General Meeting of Komax Holding AG at the Culture and Convention Center Lucerne. They approved all proposals of the Board of directors by a significant majority. Overall, 70.8% of the share capital was represented.

The shareholders approved the proposed dividend increase to CHF 5.50 per share (previous year: CHF 4.50), corresponding to a payout ratio of 54.5%. Of this amount, CHF 2.75 will be distributed from capital contribution reserves, and will therefore be tax-free for natural persons domiciled in Switzerland who hold the shares as part of their private assets. The ex-date is Friday, 14 April 2023. The dividend will be paid on Tuesday, 18 April 2023.

The comprehensive amendment of the Articles of Association was also widely approved. Komax Holding AG can therefore comply with the requirements of the revised Swiss law on companies limited by shares, which entered into force on 1 January 2023, and also reflect current best practice in the area of corporate governance.

Finally, the shareholders re-elected all seven incumbent members of the Board of Directors for a further term of one year. These are Beat Kälin (Chairman), David Dean, Andreas Häberli, Kurt Haerri, Mariel Hoch, Roland Siegwart, and Jürg Werner. The shareholders elected Andreas Häberli, Beat Kälin, and Roland Siegwart to the Remuneration Committee.

The detailed voting results can be found in the appendix below.