For the Komax Group and the Schleuniger Group, the market for automated wire processing offers many opportunities. However, these require significant investment, personnel resources, and considerable expertise. In order to exploit these opportunities swiftly and efficiently, the two companies joined forces with effect from 30 August 2022. Thanks to their combined power to innovate, customers can be offered new solutions for permanently increasing their degree of automation more rapidly.

Who is Schleuniger?

The Schleuniger Group is an innovative provider of solutions for the wire processing and testing industry. Prior to the combination, Schleuniger was the world’s second-largest provider in this area, after Komax. The company’s strengths lie above all in the area of cutting and stripping machinery, and range right through to fully automatic machines for the processing of micro-coaxial and coaxial cables, among other things.

Learn more about Schleuniger

Founded in the Swiss town of Thun in 1975, Schleuniger and its subsidiaries, including adaptronic, Cirris, and DiIT, now employ more than 1000 people worldwide. With branches in Europe, North America, China, and Japan, as well as a network of distribution and service partners all over the world, Schleuniger primarily supplies customers in the automotive industry. In addition, the company is active in sectors such as information and communications technology, industrial and consumer electronics, aerospace, transportation, and medical technology.

Why have Komax and Schleuniger joined forces?

  • Key trends such as automation, e-mobility, and the rising significance of the automotive market in Asia offer a number of growth and differentiation opportunities. By joining forces, the two companies can exploit these earlier and in a more targeted way.

  • Customers will receive innovative solutions more quickly, which will allow them to increase the degree of automation further. They can also rely on proven sales and service networks, along with an optimal level of customer service.

  • A high level of investment is required to satisfy the market needs of customers. The bundling of expertise will facilitate new solutions for growth in key markets.

  • Further growth requires skilled personnel. Thanks to the additional expertise and resources gained, the combination will guarantee the competitiveness of the Komax Group in the longer term.

  • Employees, meanwhile, will benefit from additional development opportunities in a larger corporate group, which will be looking to create more jobs and training positions.

  • The Komax Group will generate additional value for shareholders by securing its long-term competitiveness and by harnessing synergies and economies of scale going forward. Shareholders will also benefit from the stability of the anchor shareholder Metall Zug AG, with its long-term orientation.

The combination will allow us to react to key trends appropriately and with the necessary speed in the future, which will in turn further increase our competitiveness.
—  Matijas Meyer, CEO Komax Group

Two successful companies grow together

At the time of the combination, Schleuniger was around half the size of Komax in terms of revenues and headcount, but was no less successful. Both companies have carved out leading positions over the last few decades and built up strong brands. Both Schleuniger and Komax embody Swiss values, and base their success on a commitment to quality and innovative technologies. Their corporate cultures are similar, as are the values espoused by the two companies. Everything is in place for a successful integration.

The Komax Group is reliant on its qualified workforce if it is to achieve its targets. For that reason, it attaches the utmost importance to transparent communication when it comes to the integration process. This process is being actively accompanied by regular webinars, video messages from the CEO of the Komax Group, and get-togethers at which employees of the previously separate companies can get to know each other both professionally and personally. The focus here is on sharing experiences, learning from one another, and growing together.

Further information on the combination can be found in the corresponding media releases and in the Annual Report.