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Komax is listed on SIX Swiss Exchange with ISIN CH0010702154. Bloomberg lists the registered share under KOMN SW and the corresponding code under Thomson-Reuters is KOMN.S. The free float as defined by SIX Swiss Exchange stands at 75%.

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Distribution of shares

The shareholder base decreased by 123 persons to 5 320 in 2022. In the past five years – i. e., since the end of 2017 – the shareholder base has grown by a good 5%.

Dividend policy

⁠Through a business strategy that is geared to long-term success, the Komax Group is seeking to create sustainable value that will benefit investors, too. It has set itself the goal of distributing 50%–60% of Group profit after taxes (EAT) to its shareholders every year until 2023.


The analysts mentioned below follow the Komax Group and regularly publish analyses of the company.

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Christian Obst

Kepler Cheuvreux

Torsten Sauter

Mirabaud Securities

Stefanie Scholtysik

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Robin Seydoux


Christian Arnold


Patrick Rafaisz


Arben Hasanaj

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