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WirePro Expo: Shaping the future of wire processing

Inside Komax

The WirePro Expo trade fair took place at the Komax site in Switzerland. Wire processing professionals from all over the world discussed the future of their industry.

Key insights

  • Over 2,400 experts came together in Dierikon: Customers, distributors and sales partners were brought up to date with the latest technical innovations.

  • At the heart of the trade fair was an exhibition with more than 100 machines from Komax, Schleuniger and six other exhibitors.

  • In the supporting program, three keynote speakers and numerous experts spoke about the trends and technical innovations.

  • Guided tours of the Komax vertical factory provided an insight into the working world behind the award-winning facade.

"How can we make wire processing fit for the future?" Over 2,400 experts from 44 countries traveled to Dierikon, Switzerland, with this or similar questions. From 25 to 27 October, they had the opportunity to find out about and exchange information on the future of the industry. The visitors were invited by world market leader Komax to the WirePro Expo trade fair.

Global trade fair

The focus of interest was on technical innovations along the entire value chain. An exhibition with more than 100 machines had been set up for this purpose. Some were only as big as a fully automatic coffee machine. However, the largest machine in the hall measured four times eleven meters and weighed just under a ton.

The Smart Factory by Komax played an important role at the booth of the host Komax. The Smart Factory is responding to developments in Smart Mobility and Smart City. Because intelligent, completely reliable and, at the same time, cost-optimized wiring solutions are essential here. Komax presented products and solutions that can significantly increase the productivity and flexibility of wire processing – while at the same time reducing quality costs.

The machines at the Schleuniger booth focused on precise connections, maximum productivity, reliable data traceability and coherent value chains. There was also a tour of the production buildings of Komax in Dierikon and Schleuniger in Cham.

Six other exhibitors had transported their products from all over the world to Dierikon: Mecal from Italy, Mecalbi from Portugal, Schunk Sonosystems, TE Connectivity and Zoller+Fröhlich from Germany, as well as Telsonic Solutions from Bronschhofen in Switzerland.

Keynotes and expert presentations 

The three keynotes also addressed hot topics in the industry. Dieter Hohmann from EDAG Engineering GmbH highlighted the changes in mobility and their impact on the wire harness. Dominic Huschke showed the approach Volkswagen AG is taking in the automated production and integration of the wire harness. Siva Arumugam and Michael Richter from Siemens EDA GmbH talked about digitalization as part of highly automated wire harness production.

Numerous expert presentations gave the participants the opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues. Topics included: Low torsion twisting, process automation for charger inlet and charging cable testing, Ethernet assembly challenges, optimized performance in crimp-to-crimp production, advantages of automation in control cabinet construction, scalability of high-voltage production concepts and challenges for High-Voltage processing, autonomous production of leads and much more. Up to three speakers in different rooms spoke during five time slots every day and invited the listeners to engage in expert discussions on their topic. The participants had an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration for the challenges faced in their own company – knowledge advantage, made by Komax, Schleuniger and the other exhibitors.

What is behind the facade? 

Some people had already read about the award-winning facade of Komax’s vertical factory, which was only completed in 2020. The trade fair participants were able to get a glimpse behind the facade for themselves several times a day. Many guests took part in the guided tours. These were held every hour and offered in German, English and French. Production halls, office environments and logistics infrastructures in the vertical factory are combined under a single roof to create a friendly working environment with open traffic routes and break areas. Everything is grouped around a light-filled courtyard and conveys a bright, friendly atmosphere. Without question, a building that sets an inspirational example.

Tours also in Cham in the Schleuniger Competence Center

Schleuniger invited visitors to a tour of the Process Automation Competence Center in Cham three times a day. Visitors had the opportunity to discover the latest and award-winning wire processing systems from the Transfer Line family there: the fully integrated and reconfigurable processing platform S50 and the S70, a fully automatic modular platform for high-voltage applications.

The three days of the trade fair flew by. What remains is the memory of amazing new technical developments, insightful discussions among experts and inspirational hours spent in a stimulating atmosphere. Those who took part experienced what it means to automate the entire value chain and returned home with a great advantage in terms of knowledge.


Sabrina HitzProject Manager Marketing Communication

Sabrina Hitz has been working for Komax since 2018. She is part of the Market Communication team and project manager for group-wide events.

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