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Automated Platform High Voltage

Lambda 240

The Lambda 240 processes smaller quantities of various types of high-voltage wires. Quick changeover time allows for easy product changeovers and ensures flexibility.


Meets all Swiss quality standards

Optionally, quality control tools such as component template recognition and crimp force monitoring (CFA) can be integrated into the modular Lambda 240 platform.

Traceability of materials and tools

An optional barcode scanner can be used to check materials and tools. This also prepares for further connection to digital products such as Komax MES.

Processing wire ends according to the best quality standards

The shuttle system can accommodate one or two wires and process wire cross-sections of up to 120 mm².

High flexibility for small production volumes

Thanks to short tool changeover times and a wide range of recipes, the platform is suitable for various applications in the processing of high-voltage wires.

Modular design

The machine layout can be individually configured according to customer requirements and the plug processing specification. The standardized MPS process modules are interchangeable between platforms.