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Komax HMI

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  • Komax HMI – A consistent user guidance thanks to the Green Button

    Komax HMI – A consistent user guidance thanks to the Green Button

  • Komax HMI – Full transparency and customizable production in real time

    Komax HMI – Full transparency and customizable production in real time

  • Komax HMI – Simple, error-free operation

    Komax HMI – Simple, error-free operation

From complexity to simplicity – A consistent operating philosophy

Simple, error-free operation 

  • The Komax Green Button guides the user clearly and accurately through the wire processing procedure
  • The use-case-driven design eliminates input errors
  • Input windows for third-party systems can be integrated into the workflow
  • Clearly structured user interface for fast orientation

Flexible, customizable production

  • The production process can be optimized and adjusted during operation
  • Real-time data for simultaneous production, control and optimization

Reliable, transparent quality

  • Open interface for data analysis in real time
  • Comprehensive transparency across the entire production process
  • Fully documented, traceable quality

Customizable high-performance production machines are increasingly complex items of manufacturing equipment – which is why their operation needs to be simple, consistent and error-proof. In response, Komax has developed Komax HMI, the new operating software for fully automatic wire processing machines. The new human machine interface (HMI) facilitates the transition from complexity to maximum simplicity with a new operating philosophy. User guidance and customizable procedures guarantee perfect processes, step by step. Integration with a manufacturing execution system allows real-time data to be exchanged and analyses to be performed at any time, thereby creating maximum transparency across the production chain. HMI from Komax gives access to the machine’s full performance potential in order to produce wire harnesses more flexibly, quickly and economically.


The Komax Green Button for simple and error-free operation

The Komax Green Button guides the operator step by step through the wire processing procedure. This way, each work step can only be executed one way – that is, automatically correct. This systematic user guidance prevents the operator from making errors during setup, changeover and production. Furthermore, the entire production process is fully documented and logged for quality monitoring purposes.


Use-case-driven design and customizable production

The new Komax HMI software is based on a use-case-driven design architecture. Depending on the specific application, for example stripping, the process-relevant data for each procedure are consolidated and displayed concisely on one page, providing full overview at a single glance.

Furthermore, the standard production process can be customized, enabling the production process to be modified, redesigned, supplemented and optimized – even during running operation if required.

Connectable to a MES for real-time data analysis

HMI from Komax can be connected to a manufacturing execution system by using an open interface. This enables real-time data analyses at all times for maximum transparency across the entire production process. All data are documented without exception, making the end product fully traceable. With Komax HMI the process can be monitored, evaluated and optimized in a single step during running production. This allows for the full utilization of the machine’s capacity and sets a firm basis for a significant increase in quality and productivity.