Komax Smart Stock

Komax Smart Stock

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  • Komax Smart Stock

    Komax Smart Stock

  • Komax Smart Stock

    Komax Smart Stock

  • 备件和易损件得到很好的保护


  • 绿色LED指示灯使您可以轻松找到所需的零件


Your benefit

  • Higher availability of your machines due to shorter downtimes
  • Take a load off your balance sheet
  • No tied-up capital
  • No hassle with repeat orders, no delivery terms
  • Simple storage management
  • Access authorization for each operator for additional transparency and simple internal allocation
  • Option to connect to your ERP system

Lower storage costs through less stock – or shorter downtimes through immediately available spare parts? Enjoy both with Komax Smart Stock, the innovative consignment stock for spare and wear parts.

Your requirements

  • Reduce our storage costs
  • Never have to wait for spare or wear parts, be able to continue production as quickly as possible
  • Have the most important spare and ware parts in stock, but only pay when the part is really needed
  • Allocate spare parts taken from stock to a cost center without any problems


Komax Smart Stock is a delivery program for spare and wear parts in accordance with the consignment principle. The key component is the automatic vending machine that we will install and manage at your site. In it, you will find all the parts required to maintain and repair your Komax machines. With Smart Stock, you only pay when you really need a part – instead of purchasing all spare and wear parts and keeping them in storage. You also don’t have to worry about replenishment: as the automatic vending machine is connected to Komax Direct, your local Komax partner is aware of the current stock levels and will replace the relevant parts in good time. As a result, you never have to wait for spare parts.

Scope of services

  • Definition of the Smart Stock together (parts, quantity, terms)
  • Installation of the automatic vending machine at your business
  • Registration of access authorizations
  • A Komax employee will instruct the user
  • Komax will replenish and automatically invoice the relevant parts
  • Periodic review and, if required, adjustment of the equipment


Your local Komax partner