Komax MES

Komax MES


  • Komax MES


Komax MES—线束加工行业4.0的企业制造执行系统

  • 100%准时交货
  • 高产能利用率
  • 较少的计划外工厂停机时间
  • 统一的机器数据管理
  • 生产周期短
  • 库存率低
  • 有保障有认可的质量
  • 全球范围可追溯性
  • 100%控制所有资源、机器、运营资源和员工






Control over the entire value chain

Automatically plan, manage, monitor and analyze all of your resources and production processes.

  • Guaranteed adherence to the prescribed process steps and standardization of process operations
  • Planning of personnel according to their capacities in order to guarantee smooth production
  • Planning of machines for maximum productivity and the best overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Control over material flows in every production phase.
  • Avoidance of production losses and increase in product quality
  • Guaranteed traceability thanks to consistent and complete documentation
  • Maximum reliability thanks to high-availability systems
  • For all industries and for companies of every size

Technology partner – iTAC Software AG

iTAC Software AG supplies web-enabled information and communication technologies to manufacturing industries. Founded in 1998, the company is one of Germany's leading MES producers. iTAC.MES.Suite is a cloud-enabled manufacturing execution system used worldwide by companies from various industries such as automotive (supply), electronics/EMS/telecommunications, medical technology, metals and energy. iTAC's MES is particularly popular in the automotive and automotive supply markets, occupying a large market share and serving more than 75 international customers. Its portfolio also includes systems and solutions for implementing the requirements of Industry 4.0. iTAC's philosophy is to bring together people, data and systems.

KOMAX MES: an innovation from Komax Wire and iTAC Software.