Twisting competence and twister from the same company

Twisting competence and twister from the same company

Production of twisted data conductors for Ethernet applications in automobiles.

The production of twisted data conductors is a highly complex process. Komax Wire is a master of the process and has applied this expertise to develop specific options. When combined with the Alpha 488 S automatic twister, these options offer all the features needed for quick, reliable production of unshielded twisted pairs (UTPs).

The twisting of two individual strands to form an unshielded twisted pair (UTP) is an attractively priced solution for data conductors with respect to electromagnetic compatibility and to weight. Twisting the two conductors is the simplest way to reduce the mutual influence that electrical conductors have on each other. Many manufacturers favor this solution particularly because it can be carried out fully automatically.

Twisting competence

Economical solution based on a reliable concept

The monitoring of and effective intervention in the twisting process are indispensable to being able to produce a stable and high-quality UTP product. Komax Wire has been working intensively for more than a decade on understanding and mastering this highly complex process. Today we have extensive expertise that we share with our customers for the production of twisted pairs.  With our new Alpha 488 S fully automatic twister in particular, we offer everything needed for fast, reliable and standardized UTP production.

Quality features

Along with length of lay, conductor spacing and a wide variety of symmetry considerations, the length of the untwisted conductor ends is especially important. Data conductors with 100 Mbps (e.g., Ethernet BroadR-Reach®) require untwisted cable ends between 20 and 30 mm in length. Only precise compliance with the required dimensions can guarantee the requisite impedance values over the entire data link. However, this means the subsequent work steps must be precisely considered. For instance, the twisted pair must be able to be plugged in afterwards in any case.

Specific options for Ethernet UTP production

We cater to these special requirements from the automobile industry with our carefully conceived lineup of options for the Alpha 488 S fully automatic twister. The option for short open (not twisted) ends allows an operator to achieve values less than 20 mm depending on the contact involved. Ideally and for the interest of a high level of process control, this option should be combined in the future with the option for orienting the contacts prior to twisting. This feature is the only way the operator can subsequently attach the contacts without incorrectly manipulating them.

Alpha 488 S short open ends

Your benefits

  • Machines for UTP processing with reliable process control
  • Solutions for demanding production of Ethernet BroadR-Reach® data conductors
  • Twisting competence for more than 15 years