Small Gauge Competence

Small Gauge Competence

High production output combined with gentle and fully controlled processing

Wire harness manufacturers must adjust to the trend toward miniaturization in the automotive industry. Komax Wire has solutions for the Alpha 355 and 355 S for the optimum processing of 0.13mm² wires. Whith the new retrofittable solutions, you can expand the small-gauge capabilities of the Alpha 355 and 355 S in an ideal way.

Alpha 355 S Wire crimping machine Small Gauge

In the automotive industry, a change is taking place. More and more 0.13 mm² signal wires are being processed and already the introduction of 0.08 mm² wires is being discussed. Smaller cross sections bring about new requirements for the production, the processing and the laying on the laying board. Wires with a cross section of 0.13 mm² are more prone to damaging and must therefore be processed carefully within the specification limits.

With the solutions from Komax Wire, all known 0.13 mm² wires can be processed better and faster with crimping machines:

  • The newly developed active wire straightening unit with fine gauge rollers straightens the wire for optimum further processing and deposition in the machine.
  • Special guide parts allow efficient and error-free feed-in.

Small Gauge Richteinheit

    Press, crimp force analyzers (CFA), crimping tools

    With their great stability and high degree of crimp height accuracy, the mci presses from Komax provide a solid basis for the processing of small terminals. At Komax, special algorithms are used in the machine software to solidify and evaluate the data for even the tiniest crimp forces in an optimum manner.
    Extensive headroom, determined by the combination of conductor and terminal, is prerequisite for monitoring the processes. The smaller the conductor cross section and the terminal, the more important the correct setting of the CFA parameters. With CFA+, the optimal parameter settings can be easily determined. This allows reliable error detection during production and at the same time reduces the reject rate.

    Headroom Small Gauge

    The crimping tool (applicator) itself is often underestimated as a factor influencing the process. Mechanical influences can lead to irregularities and annoying faults.

    Micrograph Micrograph

    Processing mini-seals

    The following requirements must be met to optimize the processing of mini-seals on fully automatic machines:

    • High quality seals - properly molded so the seal is free of brows and excessive projecting material - compliance with dimensional tolerances
    • The seals should be as free of silicone oil as possible
    • Prominent features such as ribs or grooves to simplify feed and positioning

    The application parts for seal modules provide the necessary flexibility to carry out these adaptations with great speed. The applications are mutually compatible so they can be used on all current Komax Wire seal modules.

    Small Gauge Seal

    Your benefits

    • Optimized processing of 0.13 mm² small gauge wires with Alpha 355 and 355 S
    • High production output combined with gentle wire processing
    • Actively controlled wire straightener with fine gauge rollers for ideal straightening of small-gauge wires
    • Efficient and error-free processing thanks to optimized machine parameters, shortened transfer distances, additional hold-up unit and much more
    • Can be retrofitted on all Alpha 355 and Alpha 355 S models
    • Years of experience with tiny conductor cross sections, terminals and mini-seals
    • Complete solutions from a single company