MIKO (Manufacturing Interface Komax) Networking of bench-top presses

MIKO (Manufacturing Interface Komax) Networking of bench-top presses

With MIKO (Manufacturing Interface Komax), you can integrate bench-top presses seamlessly into the production planning system.

With the WPCS (Wire Processing Communication Standard) data interface, you can integrate Komax fully automatic crimping machines seamlessly into the production planning system.This same type of integration is now also available for Komax bt 712, 722 and 752 bench-top presses. The data interface used for bench top presses is the MIKO (Manufacturing Interface Komax). It has been newly developed from scratch.

“Divide and conquer”

The dividing line between machine software (TopWin or TopTouch) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is drawn among systems in such a way that each level can focus clearly on the tasks it is given.
With MIKO, you can have your machine completely under control and integrate it into any customerspecific production streams.

MIKO Networking

MIKO (Manufacturing Interface Komax) is the name of the new data interface for bench-top machines. With MIKO, you can integrate bench-top machines seamlessly into the production process, thereby greatly improving product quality and production efficiency.

Network structure and architecture

A customer-specific individual PDA terminal (Production Data Acquisition) is typically utilized at a manual workstation. This terminal can then be employed to handle any tasks related to production logistics, something that would not be possible otherwise due to the small machine operating displays on the bt presses. The “last mile” has now been covered by MIKO, freeing up operators from having to manually enter job data any more. Now electronic inquiries can be made about the machine state and any applicable production data at any time without manual help.

Your advantages

  • You avoid incorrect entries thanks to the transmission of data on parts, articles and jobs
  • Quality improves because process parameters and technology data are now transmitted
  • Production and quality control are traceable
  • You comply with the stipulated process with respect to production logistics