Kappa 322 automatic cut and strip machine

Kappa 322 automatic cut and strip machine

A strong multi-functional machine for processing multiple inner conductors, flat ribbon cable and single conductors.

The new Kappa 322 from the Kappa 3xx product family has versatile processing capabilities that make it a compelling performer when it comes to cutting, separation and stripping. Even difficult-to-process cables with cross sections of 0.05mm² to 16mm² can be processed with top quality results.
The quick-change blade fixture is combined with an ingenious approach to wire separation and a robust machine design to deliver high productivity and maximum machine availability.

Powerful yet gentle wire drive

For example, eccentrically arranged conductors, multiple inner conductors or conductors with thin-walled jacket insulation allow only shallow cuts for stripping and therefore require high-level pull-off forces. The powerful motor with selectable drive (e.g. roller drive or belt drive) offers optimum power transmission for a huge variety of insulation materials. The pressure setting can be switched automatically to fit the processing involved, i.e. transporting or stripping. This feature is gentler on the drive unit and prevents the deformation of the cable.

Jacket stripping, separating and stripping inner conductors

The swiveling drive units with two processing positions turn the Kappa 322 into a cut and strip specialist for cables up to 12mm in diameter. The inner conductors in 4 x 0.35mm² to 3 x 2.5mm² cables are separated using a unique separation principle and then stripped with great precision. The principle is ideal for long as well as extremely short stripping lengths. The blade block with quick-action lock is highly convenient and ensures easy changeovers to other cut and strip tasks such as flat ribbon cables, stripping of jacket cables or single conductors.

Your benefits

  • Machine with powerful pull-off process and flexible two-blade principle for 0.05 mm² to 16mm² wires
  • Separates and strips inner conductors in cables sized 4 x 0.35mm² to 3 x 2.5mm²
  • Separation principle for extremely short and extremely long stripping lengths
  • Different drive versions for optimum power transmission
  • Easy and quick to convert
  • Attractive value for the money