Flexible marking possibilities for industry and make-to-order manufacturing

Flexible marking possibilities for industry and make-to-order manufacturing

Direct inkjet interface: A simple and economical marking solution for the Kappa series.

Cable marking with inkjet has matured into a versatile and flexible standard process. Customized interfaces are available today for a variety of requirements, from entry-level solutions to fully integrated models with networking capability. The direct inkjet interface is new in the range and enables the use of the most important marking functions at an attractive price.

Kappa 310 with direct inkjet interface

Advantages of cable marking

Marked cables have a number of advantages for systems, control cabinets or devices:

  • Cable identification
  • Marking of the ends of cables for reliable component insertion
  • Allows use instructions or safety instructions to be applied
  • Traceability
  • Branding with trademarks or company logo

Requirements in industry

Different requirements must be kept in mind in actual practice:

  • Correct allocation of marking content to the cable. Data integrity is ensured if marking and cable data come from the same database.
  • Short conversion times are the key to productivity. The best way to ensure fast conversion is if the setup requires neither the text to be recorded at the inkjet nor the head position to be shifted (centering).
  • Marker integration is a prerequisite for networked operation.
  • Marking functions: positional marking, distributed marking, alternating direction of marking.
  • A short incision in the cable reduces waste and costs.
  • Short cycle times.

The TopWin interface: Maximum integration

The Komax TopWin inkjet interface meets all these demands in an optimum way: TopWin offers job processing by the manufacturing execution system (MES), automatic sequential production and just-in-time production. The TopWin interface is available throughout the Komax range and ensures that the markers can be used with all machinery and also beyond a generation change.

Kappa 350 with TopWin inkjet interface

New: direct inkjet interface as the golden mean

Komax Wire is now making available a new interface for the Kappa Cut & Strip series. It provides the functions that are most important in actual practice at an attractive price. The inkjet is controlled from the TopTouch software of the Kappa machine. The data for text and cable are entered at the touch panel and deposited in the database with the other cable parameters. The direct inkjet interface allows the inkjet models Komax ims 295 and Wiedenbach WP 405 and WP 407 to be used.

Basic I/O for the inkjet interface: Keep it simple

The basic I/O interface uses the encoder and print-go signal to mark texts from the marker buffer positioned on the cable. Most markers can be used with an appropriate cable. Texts are entered or selected at the inkjet.

Your benefits:

  • TopWin for optimum flexibility in networked operation
  • Direct inkjet interface for local operation with data integrity
  • Basic I/O connection for free selection of markers