Aluminum – bright future as a cabling material

Aluminum – bright future as a cabling material

Aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. In car manufacturing, this lightweight material is increasingly replacing copper in many applications involving current conductors. And aluminum has two big advantages over copper: It reduces the cost of materials and is considerably smaller in mass.

Aluminium has many advantages

The weight of a mid-range car can be reduced by two to three kilograms with the use of aluminum cabling, which in turn decreases fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.
Besides satisfying the demands of lightweight construction, the substitution of copper conductors with aluminum ones also meets specifications on the availability of material. Despite these pluses, aluminum has several characteristics that makes its use as a conductor material difficult:

  • Less strong than copper
  • Creeps if subject to mechanical stress and at much lower temperatures than copper
  • Electrochemical corrosion

All in all, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages with regard to a bright future for aluminum as a cabling material.

Aluminum Processing ACD / SQC

Fully automatic processing

Komax Wire is your partner in the fully automatic processing of aluminum cable. After all, the processing of aluminum on fully automatic crimping machines poses a number of special requirements for overall processing:

  • Purity, cleanliness (no mixing of aluminum and copper)
  • Gentle feeding of conductors
  • Straightening of aluminum strand
  • Cutting and stripping with special blades
  • Conductor positioning in the crimping tool, high level of repeatability
  • Cut monitoring with automatic conductor detector (ACD)
  • Stripping monitoring with strip quality check (SQC)
  • Crimp monitoring system with crimp force analysis (CFA)

To meet these requirements in full, the individual processes must be optimally coordinated with each other. For this to happen, Komax standard machines must be equipped and configured for the specific customer in each case. The main criteria are quality monitoring and blades specially designed for aluminum.

Your advantages

  • Optimal for machine geared to the processing of aluminum
  • Partner with experience in processing aluminum
  • Comprehensive quality control for the process