ACD conductor detector sensor

ACD conductor detector sensor

At the Inhouse Show 2012 the groundbreaking ACD conductor detector monitor for Alpha 355, 355 S, 356 and 455 was presented. In the meantime there have been successful field tests at various customer sites with very positive results.
The ACD conductor detector monitor is suitable for customers with high quality requirements for the stripping process. The new conductor detector monitor ACD is applicable for the entire wire cross-section area, but recommended especially for processing of small wire sizes and the processing of special cables.

ACD Conductor Detector


Miniaturization and new technologies are making the quality requirements on cable processing tougher all the time. To satisfy the current automobile crimping standard for solder-free electric connections, Komax has developed the fully automatic conductor detection (ACD). This product recognizes even the slightest contacts between blades and conductor strands in the course of production. ACD is based on a capacitive measuring principle and integrated in the blade holder. It uses the regular stripping blades. The work range covers the entire spectrum of cross sections, any conductor length and stripping with full strip or partial strip. There are setup parameters to set the limits of monitoring desired. Defective conductor ends are removed fully automatically during production.


  • Cross section range from 0.13 mm to 6 mm²
  • Full or partial stripping
  • Monitoring of the full wire length range
  • For copper and aluminum strand wires
  • Can be used for Alpha 355, 355 S, 356, 455

Your benefits

  • Monitoring stripping quality
  • Detect quality problems in stripping early on and take countermeasures
  • Remove defective cables fully automatically