ACD/SQC – Unique quality monitoring devices

ACD/SQC – Unique quality monitoring devices

New features on the Alpha 355: fully automatic conductor detection and strip quality check.

One current automobile crimp standard for solder-free electrical connections contains the following stipulations: “The individual strands are not allowed to be scratched or otherwise damaged during stripping.” To comply with this specification, one needs high-quality cable material, perfect blades and a fully automatic crimping machine that operates with precision. Practice shows time and again, however, that cable materials have tolerances, blades wear out, and fully automatic crimping machines are not always at the optimum settings. Blades may accidentally touch the strands in a conductor during production or the ends of conductors may become splayed or deformed. This type of damage is scarcely visible to the naked eye and there is a risk of it leading to problems with quality or service life.

Fully automatic conductor detection (ACD)

Komax developed automatic conductor detection (ACD) for the Alpha 355 machine family. It detects even the slightest contact between blades and conductor strands while production is going on. Based on a capacitive measuring principle, ACD is integrated in the blade holder and uses the regular stripping blades. Parameters can be adjusted to set ACD sensitivity at the desired level. The machine removes flawed conductor ends fully automatically yet still delivers the full output in the end. The operating range covers the entire cross-section spectrum from 0.13 mm² to 6 mm², stripping with full or partial strip, any desired conductor length and all known conductive strand materials.

ACD Conductor Detector ACD Detail

Strip quality check (SQC)

Unlike ACD, the SQC focuses on inspecting the result instead of the cutting process. Without impairing performance in any way, this visual check monitors the stripping length and the presence of pulled or splayed stranded wire. Products detected as defective are automatically removed. Operation can proceed without additional teaching of article parts thanks to the superb integration of these functions in the machine software. Values and images are saved, a feature that enables traceability. The strip quality check (SQC) is an ideal supplement to ACD. But the SQC is also extremely helpful on its own. If the operator uses the strip quality check instead of the CPS option («cut pulled strand»), output can be boosted by an average of 10 percent depending on conductor length and quality.

SQC Strip quality check

Your benefits

  • Improve stripping quality with no loss of performance
  • Detect quality problems in stripping early on and take countermeasures
  • Remove defective cables fully automatically
  • Traceability thanks to statistics and image saving