Installation and Setup

O valor agregado para você

  • Tempos de parada mínimos e inicialização rápida da produção
  • Disponibilidade duradoura da máquina através do comissionamento correto
  • Disponibilidade aumentada da máquina devido ao pessoal instruído
  • Alta segurança ao trabalhar com máquinas ajustadas e calibradas de forma ideal
  • Protocolo de recepção como prova de que as exigências para a garantia do fabricante são cumpridas

You’ve ordered a new Komax machine or test system and now you want to be sure that your new acquisition works as it should and that your employees know how to operate and maintain the equipment? That’s exactly what our installation service offers.

Your requirements

  • Expert support with installation
  • Get the most out of machines and test systems
  • Be sure that employees are properly instructed
  • Reduce unplanned downtimes
  • Avoid quality issues


Our installation service – performed by Komax specialists on site – gives you the certainty that the product from Komax has been installed according to our specifications and thus fulfills our warranty conditions. The acceptance report acts as binding proof that the machine meets your requirements. And with the thorough instruction of your employees (in the respective local language), you’ll avoid major damage and quality issues due to improper operation.

Scope of services

  • Unpacking the machine, checking for completeness and transport damage
  • Placement of the machine in the production line
  • Assembly and alignment as well as installation of options and applications
  • Connection of the machine (electricity, compressed air)
  • Starting the machine and function testing of the individual components
  • Calibration and adjustment
  • Connectivity tasks (integration into the customer’s production planning and control system)
  • Instruction of operating and service personnel
  • Test operation
  • Setup of the machine for the desired production operations
  • Approval of the machine for production use
  • Documentation of issues and defects (acceptance report and setup feedback)
  • Organization and execution of any follow-up work


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