SL gauge
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SL gauge

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  • SL gauge

    SL gauge

Independent precision

  • Measurement of wire or insulation crimp
  • Suitable for measuring objects up to 10 × 10 mm
  • Minimization of operator-related error influences due to mechanical part centering and fixing
  • Automatic reference mode
  • High-resolution measuring rulers (0,5 µm)
  • Digital display of measurement results
  • Switchable to measured value series up to 100 individual values, with statistical calculation
  • Printing of measured values with statistics, date and time
  • Easy to use, comfortable and user-friendly
  • Ergonomical design
  • PC interface for data transfer

SL gauge is a crimp height and crimp width measuring system, developed for highly precise measuring of crimp contacts. Measurement is performed automatically and independent of any operator-related influences by way of centering and a high-resolution measuring sensor unit. The acquired measured values can be read off, transferred via the serial interface or optionally printed. The measuring system features two operating modes: „Individual measurement“ and „measurement series“. In „measurement series“ mode statistical values such as cpk-value, standard deviation, range and mean value are calculated automatically.


The established SL gauge system is another component for optimizing the crimp process. High resolution measuring rulers determine crimp height and crimp width an accuracy of 1 µm.
The combined deployment of SL gauge and SL Qstat 100 provides a highly reliable measurement row setup to transfer relevant measurement data (crimp height, crimp width and pullforce) as one single package.

Dimensions (L×W×H) 270 × 170 × 345 mm
Weight 5.2 kg
Power supply 230 VAC with PSU, optional 24 VDC
Compressed air supply 4 bar