Maintenance Services

Votre plus-value

  • Temps de planification réduits
  • Surmonter rapidement les goulots d’étranglement dans la production
  • Soutien approfondi de Komax au niveau de l’acquisition, du transport, de la mise en état et de l’installation
  • Formation sur site de vos collaborateurs chargés de l’exploitation et de la maintenance, par des ingénieurs Komax
  • Volume d’investissement plus faible comparé à des nouvelles acquisitions
  • Soutien lors de l’identification de machines et de systèmes de contrôle déjà utilisés via le réseau mondial Komax

You produce at various locations and want to deploy your machines and test systems where they are currently needed? Our relocation service overhauls, transports and installs your complete Komax equipment set.

Your requirements

  • Boost your capacity as quickly and cost-efficient as possible
  • Make better use of existing resources
  • Certainty that the machine arrives at the new location undamaged and ready for production


For companies with multiple production locations, it is not uncommon for some locations to be working non-stop while others have free capacities. Rather than increasing production capacity through the purchase of new equipment, shifting under-utilized production equipment within the company can be a smart option. With our relocation service, Komax guarantees the flawless condition of the machines and test systems after the move to the new location – so they can be used in production right away. We put the machinery into operation and instruct the operating personnel at the new location. Komax Relocation is also the perfect solution when you buy used Komax machines or test systems: there’s no risk for you because we inspect and repair the equipment.

Scope of services

  • Inspection of the machines and test systems at the old location and creation of documentation of the machine condition (Condition Report) by Komax specialists
  • Determination of any necessary repair work with the customer (generally maintenance, re-certification of quality devices and/or upgrade of hardware and software)
  • Execution of the defined tasks, acceptance and reporting at the old location as well as packing and sealing the transport units by Komax specialists
  • Transport and installation of the machines and test systems at the new location by Komax
  • Instruction of the operating personnel at the new location by Komax specialists


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