Lambda 440

Lambda 440

Lambda 440

  • Lambda 440

    Lambda 440

The Lambda 440 platform provides increased productivity for higher volumes of the same connector type.

  • 6 – 15 process stations
  • Parallel processing
  • One-side cable processing


  • Individual set-up of process modules according to customer requirements
  • Profit from broad high voltage process know-how for different levels of automation


  • Consistent quality
  • Optional integration of quality check tools like crimp force monitoring (CFM)
  • High purity of modules and products

Cable Handling

  • Dedicated handling system for precise and gentle cable transport
  • Suitable to connect with factory logistic system
  • Optional active conveyor system to transport heavy cable sets


  • Automated processing of high voltage cables
  • Time savings with parallel automated process stations
  • Single person operation possible
  • Clearly arranged user interface


  • Optional Barcode Scanner for Material and Tool verification
  • Ready for future connectivity to Komax digital products like Komax MES