Lambda 6 Series

Lambda 6 Series

Performance Line

  • Lambda 6 Series

    Lambda 6 Series

Automated rotary table for saving time in double-sided processing

Stability and availability

  • Highly automated processing
  • Maximum availability
  • High level of process stability

Flexibility and efficiency

  • Adaptable double-sided wire processing
  • 20 connectible processing stations
  • Short cycle times

Reliable, monitored quality

  • Processing steps monitored in completely integrated process
  • Precise mechanical parts and reliable components
  • Sensor monitored, two-sided insertion of conductor

With the Lambda 6 Series rotary machines, multistage wire processing or inspection of special plug-in connectors can be automated to assure process reliability and to save time. The platform can be flexibly deployed for terminal systems such as FAKRA/COAX cables and reflects field-tested expertise in this specialty area.
Double-sided processing, monitored quality, short cycle times and reliable process stability combine to guarantee flawless processing plus high productivity and availability.

Flexible, reliable wire processing involving special plug-in connections

The Lambda 6 Series is the optimum platform for customer-specific processing of contacting systems mounted in multiple stages. It allows individual processing tailored to the cable design. This platform meets the highest requirements of availability, process stability and quality with compactness and flexibility. The recipe-supported changeovers are easy and quick to perform. For two-sided wire processing, the modular Lambda 6 can be fitted with up to 20 processing stations. This arrangement also enables multistage stripping with reference cut and permits processing that keeps project throughput time to a minimum.

Conceived for maximum availability

The high level of machine availability is favored by a fast and simple approach to changeovers. Intermediate cleaning processes ensure that the work stations are properly clean and ready for operation at all times. Special devices for careful material handling are gentle on work pieces and machine parts. Tool changes are performed while the machine is operating. Wires are loaded and removed at the same position, e.g. at the contact point with the production line. Any material remnants are disposed automatically.

Ergonomic operation

The Lambda 6 Series is designed to be ergonomic workplaces. They are easy to operate thanks to the color display with intuitive user interface and the graphical depiction of setting parameters. The operating mode and status of the machine are indicated on a screen and by means of an LED signal.

All stations can be detached easily and with pneumatic support from the rotary table for changeovers or maintenance. The interfaces are disconnected in the process and then reconnected when the stations are reattached. The control system detects the stations again and production can resume.

Fully monitored quality

All process steps are monitored by integrated testing equipment relevant to the given process. This equipment conducts multifaceted electrical and dimensional tests. Examples:

  • Sensors during parallel insertion in connection with two-sided conductor feed
  • Integrated crimp force monitoring of the crimping processes
  • Process feedback for joining or insertion operations

The processed wires are marked as good parts or voided as bad parts.

Increased efficiency

As an investment, the Lambda 6 Series is highly economical overall, in terms of acquisition and operation. Optimized processing steps substantially shorten the processing time. Both ends of the wire are processed concurrently. Wires are changed based on recipes from the wire library, so changeovers are extremely quick. The material being used is monitored automatically and replenished on an ongoing basis. The network interface allows connection to further systems such as an ERP system.

Dimensions (W × D × H)
3660 × 3660 × 1850 mm
Weight 4500 kg
Voltage supply 3 ~ 400 VAC/50 Hz/5,6 kVA
Air supply Minimum of 6 bar; oil-free, dry/clean compressed air
Processing time Depends on the process