Lambda 2 Series

Lambda 2 Series

Essential Line

  • Lambda 2 Series

    Lambda 2 Series

Highly flexible benchtop crimping platform for efficient individual processing

Highly adaptable

  • Compact in size, suitable as a benchtop unit
  • Variable versions specific to terminal part
  • Flexibly adaptable modular design to fit changing needs

Simply efficient

  • Short cycle times
  • Simple, quick and safe manual operation
  • Simple operation on touch screen panel
  • Readily accessible for tool change

Reliably monitored

  • Process control incorporated in the assembly steps
  • Integrated crimp force analysis
  • Display of force curve and production

Thanks to the design of the Lambda 2 Series of semiautomatic crimping machines, wires can be processed individually and efficiently. The sliding carriage presses can be used and adapted for the most varying requirements. Pre-mounted components are crimped to prepare the conductors to be fitted with connector housings. The Lambda 2 provides a powerful basis on which to monitor the processes flexibly and to process with a short cycle time. The platform is highly suitable for process verification of new terminal parts and for production in a personnel-intensive setting.

High performance benchtop crimping approach

The semiautomatic Lambda 2 Series meets all requirements for premium wire processing. Prior to the crimping process, the needed components are manually attached and added at the orientation arbor. Then the pre-mounted components are crimped and checked. The short cycle time makes processing highly efficient.

Adaptable modular design

The modular Lambda 2 design can be adjusted individually to fit changing needs. It integrates the required contacting parts such as straight socket, straight plug, angular coupler, etc. The outside cable or crimp cover can be fed from a supply tray by a part feeder.

Monitored and tested quality

An electronic measuring system monitors the required connection mass before and after the crimping process. The reliable integrated crimp force monitoring and the display of the force curve and production assure the process results. Defective crimps are separated out by the void device. For COAX and certain other cables an integrated short-circuit test can be conducted.

Compact, robust and easy to operate

The solid steel construction is thermostable and compact to save space. The electronically controlled drive operates quietly and largely free of maintenance. For safety’s sake, the operator triggers the crimping process using two-hand operation. Good user communication and a high level of operating convenience make the Lambda 2 Series easy and reliable to run. The machine is readily accessible for tool changes.

Dimensions (L×D×H)
600 × 750 × 1000 mm
Weight 150 kg
Voltage supply 230 V – 50/80 Hz AC
Air supply 7 bar; getrocknet, gereinigt
Power input 2400 VA
Noise level Below 70 db (A)
Ambient temperature 18 – 25 °C