Lambda 4 Series

Lambda 4 Series

Advanced Line

  • Lambda 4 Series

    Lambda 4 Series

Highly flexible platform adaptable to a specific customer

Universal and modular

  • Large library of process modules for greater agility
  • Control system comprising standard components for simplified startup
  • Different sizes to accommodate different numbers of stations
  • Small footprint for optimum use of space on the shop floor

Broad range of use

  • Sector-independent semiautomatic platform
  • Extremely broad range of cables thanks to the adaptable work piece fixture
  • Article change management based on recipes
  • User management and password levels

Adaptable and simple

  • Quick to configure and change
  • Short training times
  • Stations ultra-easy to integrate or change
  • Authorization control and wide-ranging statistical database

On the modular Lambda 4 Series platform, wire processing can be automated in a highly flexible manner. The modular design accommodates a wide range of reliable processing modules and allows the integration of customer-specific elements. The Lambda 4 is optimally designed for medium volumes in the automotive, industrial and aerospace sectors. It covers the full range of infotainment, sensor and safety applications. Adaptable machine lengths and the freely selectable work piece fixture simplify the processes and shorten production time. The Lambda 4 Series is controlled by the modern, state-of-the-art TopSys software and allows time to market to be reduced by a considerable extent.

Flexible platform for custom solutions

As a semiautomatic standalone solution for customizing in wire processing, the Lambda 4 Series is the first step toward sequential full automation. Its open architecture is modular in design, allowing it to be equipped easily with standard or customer-specific modules. Unique flexibility is achieved with a highly adaptable and independent work piece fixture. The system can be integrated and combined in the processing lines. 

End-to-end wire transfer

The feed operation receives semiautomatic support and each wire is held in a tool carrier. It transports the wire through the installation and approaches the individual processing module regardless of position – up to eight stations per cell. After the processed cable is removed, the tool carrier returns to its initial position. Cables are removed manually or automatically.

Top quality thanks to reliable technology

With the many standard modules and elements that are incorporated in it, the Lambda 4 Series delivers top quality as a customer-specific system. Many processing stations are standardized.

Workflow-controlled software

Thanks to the workflow controlled TopSys software, the operation of the Lambda 4 Series can be learned in no time at all. The orientation phase is extremely short and expertise is easy to share with different individuals.
The teach-in of machine stations is software supported and involves a handful of samples over a defined calibration process.

Clear-cut user information

Operation is intuitive, so the user is guided via the touchscreen conveniently and in a clearly defined manner through the processing steps. The operating mode and status of the machine are indicated on the operator’s panel and by an LED signal light. That means it is easy to tell from afar how the machine is being used.

Process reliability from start to finish

From configuration → to settings → to recipe → via fine recipe → to production → to error management

Easy-to-edit authorizations

Using the touchscreen, the operator can create different user groups with varying authorizations. The parameters for a processing station are simple to edit and can be fine-tuned to the category of operation involved.

Integrative and scalable

It is easy to integrate already existing modules as well as equipment form other companies. The same processing stations are also deployable as fully automatic scalable versions. Networking with ERP, MES and other systems is a snap with the state-of-the-art TopSys software.

Wire length range standard One-sided processing extended to full length: 200 mm to 1200 mm
Coiled up to 1.5 kg
Coil open end a min. of 300 mm
Untwisted length at least 35 mm
Wire overhang
Min. of 25 mm to a max. of 50 mm
Stripping lengths
Full strip up to 20 mm
Wire cross section
0.35 mm² – 6 mm²
Outside wire diameter
Max. 6mm
Cable type
  • Single wires
  • Two single wires (e.g. sensor cable)
  • Twisted pair cable (manually untwisted)
  • Twisted pair sheathed cable
  • Coaxial
  • HSD
Noise level
<75dB (without crimp tools)
Electrical connection
3 × 208–480 VAC / 50–60Hz; (6/10 kVA)
Pneumatic system
5 - 8 bar connection, dry and oil-free air
Ambient temperature for operation
Relative humidity up to 90%, non-condensing
Dimensions (L x W x H)
2400 × 1200 × 2100 mm
1400 × 1200 × 2100 mm