Lambda 240 ST
40 years cutting edge

Lambda 240 ST

High Voltage

  • Lambda 240 ST

    Lambda 240 ST

Shield-Taping machine

  • compact solution for fixing the braided shield on the cable
  • precise processing and positioning thanks to servo controls
  • quick product change over through easy-to-manage, configura-ble recipes
  • tape positioning and additional parameters can be entered on a user-friendly touch-screen
  • complies with the Hirschmann PowerStar 40-2 connector as- embly requirements

Semi-automatic taping device for shield fixation.


The Lambda 240 ST offers a compact, semi-automated solution for fixing and securing the braided shield of high-voltage cables used in electric vehicles. The system complies with the requirement from the Hirschmann PowerStar 40-2 connector system and is part of an overall solution. The cable with trim-cut and folded back shield, previously prepared on the Lambda 240 SP, is placed and positioned in the Lambda 240 ST. The machine verifies the correct position of the cable and the process starts automatically. A gripper moves the cable to the tape processing position. Once the final position is reached, the spot-tape is applied fully automatically. Integrated brakes for the tape roll facilitate variable adjustments of the tape tension. After reaching the desired number of windings the tape is cut and the tape end is pressed. The braided shield is fixed and protected for additional subsequent processes. 

Diameter range 9.3 – 12.8 mm
Tape recommendation  5 mm Coroplast 838X
Number of windings > 1.5
Cycle time < 10 s
Changeover time < 5 min