Lambda 240 SP
40 years cutting edge

Lambda 240 SP

High Voltage

  • Lambda 240 SP

    Lambda 240 SP

Shield preparation machine

  • Compact solution for shield processing
  • Parallel-serial processing of 2 cables up to 6 mm²
  • Precise processing through exact, servo-controlled positioning
  • Rapid product changeover through easy-to-manage, configurable recipes
  • Secure protection of the inner conductor when trimming shield
  • Central extraction unit for high purity of the products and modules
  • Process-safe stripping of the inner conductor or filler material

Semi-automatic processing of shielded cables designed for high voltage applications.


The Lambda 240 SP offers a compact, semi-automated solution to process the shielding braid of high voltage cables used in electric vehicles. The operator places the cut-to-length, jacket stripped cables, with or without inserted support ring into the Lambda 240 SP. The machine opens the braid and cuts it to the desired length. The cutting tube protects the inner insulation from any damages, while trimming the braid to exact length. The integrated and very efficient extraction system ensures a clean process and impurity free end product. Following the machine folds back the braid to a  desired angle or onto the supporting ring. After processing the braid, the cable moves over to the rotary stripping head to remove the inner insulation or filler material. The touch panel provides an easy way to save and load processing parameters and will ensure a quick product changeover.


  • Integrated quality check
Cross section range Single core 2,5 - 95 mm² (optional 120 mm²)*
Dual core 
2 × 2,5 - 2 × 6 mm²
Processing length  up to 100 mm (process dependent)
Cycle time Single core < 15 s
Parallel-serial processing of 2 cables < 21 s
Changeover time < 3 min

*Feasibility test for each project mandatory