Lambda 240 SC
40 years cutting edge

Lambda 240 SC

High Voltage

  • Lambda 240 SC

    Lambda 240 SC

Stripping crimping machine

  • Compact solution for stripping, crimping and terminal insertion of 2 way HV connectors
  • Precise processing through exact, servo-controlled positioning
  • Rapid product changes through easy-to-manage, configurable recipes
  • Central extraction unit for high purity of the modules and products
  • Process-safe stripping of the inner conductor
  • Integrated quality functions: crimp force monitoring, displacement controlled insertion process and short circuit check

Stripping, crimping and terminal plug-in of class 1 & 2 high voltage connectors.


The Lambda 240 SC integrates three processes: stripping inner conductors, crimping terminals and insertion into housing, including the closing of secondary lock.
The operator inserts the prepared wire ends into the machine and the process steps are executed automatically in the programmed sequence: parallel-serial stripping of the inner conductors, crimping of two terminals, while monitoring crimp force, then inserting into housing in a controlled way, and finally locking the secondary lock. After the processes, before releasing the cable, a short circuit check and position check of the termianls is preformed to ensure product quality. The touch panel provides an easy way to save and load processing parameters and will ensure a quick product changeover.


  • Automatic feeding of housing
  • Bad piece cutter
Cross section range Single core 2 × 2,5 - 2 × 6 mm²
Dual core 2 × 2,5 - 2 × 6 mm²
Cycle time < 13 s (process dependent)
Changeover time < 5 min (process dependent)