Upgrades + Enhancements

The benefit to you

  • Improved quality control
  • Traceability
  • Simplified audits

You want certainty that your machines and test systems from Komax produce exactly the quality they promise? Or be sure that your test and quality testing systems reliably detect any deviations from the target and values within the tolerance? After our calibration, we confirm proper functioning with a certificate.

Your requirements

  • I want to be sure that we can deliver the promised quality
  • I want to produce with higher and more consistent quality
  • I want to be able to measure the quality of our production reliably
  • I want certified quality measurement devices


To guarantee the proper functioning of your test systems, they should be regularly checked and calibrated – with the calibration, we verify and document that the product fulfills our specifications and maintains specified tolerances. This is the only way to ensure that you can fulfill your own quality standards and those of your customers. The calibration takes place at your location; alternatively, you can send the modules to be calibrated to your regional Komax location.


  • Komax
  • TSK

Scope of services

  • Visual inspection of the machines and test systems to be calibrated
  • Technical verification and calibration
  • Documentation of the calibration with a certificate
  • Marking of the calibrated modules and devices with a test sticker (inspected by Komax specialists, with the date of the next calibration)