Spare + Wear Parts

Spare + Wear Parts

Technical Support + Maintenance

The benefit to you

  • Maximum availability through the use of original parts
  • Minimization of unplanned production downtimes
  • Short downtimes thanks to high availability of spare parts
  • Longer service life of machines and test systems thanks to the delivery spare and wear parts at least 7 years after the discontinuation of production
  • Fastest possible rectification

You want to have the right, original spare parts at all times to keep production downtimes due to maintenance and repair work as short as possible? Then take advantage of our delivery capabilities: some 80% of all spare parts are available regionally or locally; for all other parts, we keep you stocked with express deliveries

Your requirements

  • I want premium-quality spare and wear parts
  • I don’t want to have to wait for spare and wear parts
  • I want defective machines and test systems to be repaired quickly
  • I want fewer breakdowns
  • I want to avoid or shorten downtimes


With original spare and wear parts, you can be sure that they conform to our quality standards – so you can ensure stable production with consistent high quality, lengthen the service life of your machine and reduce the probability of unplanned downtimes. Contact your local Komax service center – in all likelihood, the spare or wear part you need will be in stock and at your location in shortest time 


  • Komax
  • TSK
  • Kabatec

Scope of services

  • Identification of the required spare or wear part
  • Express delivery
  • Spare part availability at least 7 years after the end of production by the Komax Group