Service Contract

Service Contract

Technical Support + Maintenance

The benefit to you

  • Service and maintenance contracts tailored to your needs
  • Planning security through contractually defined scopes of service with fixed costs
  • Less time spent on administration and planning
  • Fewer unplanned downtimes
  • Higher availability and reliability

You want to expend as little effort as possible on the operation of your products from Komax, TSK and Kabatec and lower the time you spend on administration and maintenance while assuming fewer risks? Then a service contract would be ideal for you.

Your requirements

  • I want to spend less time and effort maintaining our products from the Komax Group
  • I want to have fewer operational risks
  • I want to increase the reliability and availability of our equipment
  • I want budget security  
  • I want defects to be rectified as quickly as possible


Our service contracts are individual agreements tailored to your specific demands and capabilities. They are always based on a maintenance contract: we take care of the maintenance and repair of your machine including planning, organization and the provision of wear and spare parts. Depending on your needs, we can supplement the maintenance contract with training, emergency planning, general support, installation of new products and modules as well as Komax Production + Ramp-up Support, production analysis and calibration work.


  • Komax
  • TSK
  • Kabatec

Scope of services

  • Service contract based on your specific requirements
  • Original wear and spare parts from Komax
  • Clearly defined costs for maintenance and other services